150+ Front-End Development Learning Resources

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150+ Front-End Development Learning Resources

Renato Pozzi
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Tired of wasting time scrolling through useless content?

Since I started coding years ago, I have collected the MOST HELPFUL content on the web about Front-End Development, including articles, talks, amazing tech-related blogs, conferences, youtube channels, and much more.

Nowadays lots of people are starting a journey into web development, and honestly, amid absolutely fantastic content, there is also a lot of junk, which you MUST AVOID, to avoid learning the wrong things, and then having to unlearn them to learn them again.

What does the bonus package include?

A collection of 50+ free online tools and platforms that will allow you to put the icing on the cake to your daily work.

An example? How many times have you said: "I have to quickly resize this image to try it" and you end up wasting your time (and consequently money) between useless downloads and indecent sites until after a good half hour you found what you were looking for.

This will save you precious time. More coding, less web wandering.

How do I know it's for me?

All the resources inside have been previously reviewed by me. It's not the classic copy and paste of content without even reading what it is. Each resource is classified as well as by category and topic, with a level of difficulty from beginner to advanced, to ensure that you get the most out of the time spent using it.

Whether you are a junior or senior developer, working with common web technologies like Javascript/Typescript, React, or CSS, and you don't want to waste time browsing the garbage of the web, or worse you have made the big mistake of not collecting important content during your career, I solved your problem, and you should immediately press the "I Want This" button.

Attention, these PRICES are an experiment, these offers are being tested and COULD INCREASE AT ANY MOMENT.

First come, better stay!

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